Support Topics

Getting Started

Recording Your Outgoing MessageSteps for recording your outgoing message
Setting Up NotificationsHow to set up new message notification options
Retrieving MessagesProcedures for retrieving messages by phone or online


Setting Up a PlaylistUsing a playlist for your outgoing message
My Number Doesn't WorkPossible reasons why your number is not working
Phone AccessAccessing administrative functions over the telephone
Internet AccessAccessing administrative functions over the Internet
Unblocking a NumberHow to unblock a number blocked by AutoBlocker
AutoBlocker SettingsHow to change AutoBlocker settings to meet your needs
Restoring Deleted MessagesProcedure for restoring messages marked for deletion
Changing Your PasswordProcedures for changing your online password
Changing Your Security CodeProcedures for changing your number's security code

Account and Billing

Rollover MinutesHow rollover minutes work
Changing Your Payment MethodHow to change the way your account is paid
Billing and Payment OverviewOptions for keeping your account in good standing
Making a Manual PaymentProcedures for making a manual payment to your account
Account ChangesChanges to your account that must be done through Customer Service