Retrieving Messages

You can retrieve the messages left for you by callers in one of two ways – online or over the telephone. The preferred method is online since there is no charge. If you retrieve your messages over the telephone, the time goes against your minutes.

If you have chosen to be notified of new messages via e-mail, the messages should have already been delivered to your e-mail address. Depending on your settings, messages that have been sent may be considered old, even if you have not retrieved them from your e-mail box. An important fact about e-mail delivery is that once the message is sent to you, it is no longer under our control so we can not guarantee you will get every message. It is a good idea to check online to verify you have received all your messages from time to time.

Online Instructions

  1. Go to www.800Link.com.
  2. Click "Login" at the top right.
  3. Enter the requested information, then click "Submit".
  4. Under the heading "Services", click on a mailbox that contains messages. Each mailbox has a set of numbers in parenthesis indicating the number of new and old messages, respectively.
  5. Listen to or view the message depending on message type:
    • Audio - Click on the speaker icon to listen to the message.
    • Fax - Click on the fax machine icon. The fax will be converted to a PDF document that you can view or save.
    • Text - Click on the notepad icon.
  6. Once a message has been retrieved, it is marked as old.

Telephone Instructions

  1. Dial your number. If you have an extension, enter it when prompted.
  2. Press the star (*) key any time during the outgoing message.
  3. Enter your security code when prompted. If you are not prompted for your security code, something has gone wrong.
  4. Any messages you have will be announced. Press "1" for new messages and "2" for old (saved) messages.
  5. The first message will begin to play. At any time while the message is playing, you may choose from the following options:

    1 - Save Message saves the current message marks it as old.
    2 - Replay starts playback of the current message from the beginning.
    3 - Time & Date plays the time and date the message was left.
    4 - Rewind rewinds 5 seconds.
    5 - Pause pauses 5 seconds.
    6 - Advance fast forwards 5 seconds.
    7 - Caller ID speaks the caller's telephone number.
    8 - Sending options allows for forwarding or replying to message, is appropriate.
    9 - Delete marks the current to be deleted. Messages marked for deletion can be restored for a limited amount of time.
    0 - Call back places a return call to the caller.

  6. The current message must be either saved (1) or deleted (9) to continue to the next message.