Rollover Minutes

What are Rollover Minutes?
Rollover minutes are monthly plan minutes or minute pack minutes that have not been used. At the end of a billing cycle, any unused minutes are converted to rollover minutes. Rollover minutes are good for up to twelve months from the date the minutes were originally issued. After twelve months have passed, unused rollover minutes will expire.

The Minute Pool
The minutes that an account has available at any time is referred to as the minute pool. The minute pool includes plan minutes, minute pack minutes and rollover minutes. Minutes used are applied to the minute pool in the following order:

  1. Current plan minutes
  2. Additional minute pack purchases
  3. Oldest rollover minutes

Minute Pool Stipulations
Any minutes allocated to an account, including current plan minutes, minute packs minutes and rollover minutes, are subject to the following stipulations:

  • Minutes are good for twelve months from the date of original issuance
  • in the event an account is closed, all unused minutes are permanently cancelled
  • Minutes are not redeemable for cash or services
  • Minutes are non-transferable

How Minutes Are Deducted
The table below shows the number of minutes deducted for the actual number of minutes used based on call type. The duration is rounded up to the nearest six second increment.

Access TypeIncomingOutgoing
Toll-free (US)1 minute per each actual minuteN/A
Toll-free (Canada)1.5 minutes per each actual minuteN/A
Toll-free (Payphone)Additional 7 minutes per callN/A
Toll (US)N/A1 minute per each actual minute
Toll (Canada)N/A1.5 minutes per each actual minute