Billing and Payment Overview

800Link is a prepaid service. An initial prepayment is made at the time of service activation that covers all the charges on the account until it runs out. By default, each account is set up for automatic payments to be made using the same method of payment that was used to make the initial prepayment. Of course, if the initial prepayment is made with a form of payment that can not be used to generate automatic payments (such as a money order), it is the responsibility of the accountholder to make payment to the account.

Although the default is for the account to be set up to make automatic payments, the accountholder can choose to initiate the payments. Be aware that if this option is selected, failure to make the required payments may result in service interruption. The selection of having payment made automatically or not can be changed at any time, as well as the source of the funds for the payments.

Automatic Payments

If the account is set up to make automatic payments, the payments are generated any time the account balance falls below zero. The amount of each payment is generally the same as the monthly minimum for the account, but it can be set to any amount greater than $9.95.

If the monthly minimum is not exceeded and the payment amount is the same as the monthly minimum, one should expect a single charge each month, usually on the 9th. However, this is not always the case. Remember, an automatic payment is generated any time the account balance falls below zero. This means that if usage is high, several payments may be generated during a single period. Also, certain circumstances may cause the payment to be generated at unpredictable times. Here is an example:

If an accountholder has a beginning balance of $1.25, a monthly minimum of $9.95 and usually uses about $5.00 in actual use, once the $1.25 is used up an automatic payment is generated. When it happens depends upon the call volume. It could take two days or two weeks. When the billing is performed and usage has not exceeded the monthly minimum the charges for the period are $9.95.

Beginning balance $1.25
Automatic payment + $9.95
Charges for the period - $9.95
New period beginning balance $1.25

Once again the beginning balance is $1.25 and the cycle starts again. As long as the accountholder uses less than the monthly minimum, the account will always have a beginning balance of $1.25 at the start of each period.

Customer Initiated Payments

If the timing of the payments is important or if the accountholder just feels more comfortable initiating each payment, the account can be set up so that each payment made to the account must be initiated by the customer. Payments can be made online, over the telephone from the administrative functions or by contacting Customer Service. For details, see Making a Payment.

If this option is selected, it is the accountholder’s responsibility to make the required payments. Failure to make the required payments may result in service interruption. However, failure to make payments to the account will not be considered notice of cancellation. If the service is no longer needed, please let us know.