Making a Manual Payment

You only need to initiate payments to your account if you have chosen not to have the payments made automatically. If your account is set up to automatic payments, you need not take any action. For more information about payment options, see Billing and Payment Overview.

Online Instructions
  1. Go to www.800Link.com.
  2. Click "Login" at the top right.
  3. Enter the requested information, then click "Submit".
  4. Under the heading "Account Administration", click "Make Payment".
  5. Enter the amount of the payment, then click submit. The payment is made using payment method indicated. If you wish to use another method of payment, see How To Change Payment Method.

Telephone Instructions

  1. Dial your number. If you have an extension, enter it when prompted.
  2. Press the star (*) key any time during the outgoing message.
  3. Enter your security code when prompted. If you are not prompted for your security code, something has gone wrong.
  4. Press "7" for Account Information.
  5. Press "4" to make a payment.
  6. Follow the prompts from there.

If you wish to mail in a payment or prefer to handle payment with a live person, see the Contact page.