Flexible by design

From caller-directed routing and self-service on the front end to connecting your customers to you and your team, 800LiNK's enhanced phone network gives you the power to design a call flow that works for you, not the other way around.

Stay Connected

Keep in touch with your customers whether you are in the office or not. Or, send calls to your team when you are not available.

Automate Your System

Caller-directed routing empowers your customers to get the assistance they need and saves you time.

Support Your Team

Features incorporated into the platform help get your new team members up to speed and productive.

Stay Connected

Ring Multiple Devices

Calls can be sent to multiple phones to ensure everyone that could handle the call gets an opportunity to. Call distribution can be either simultaneous or sequential, depending on your needs.

A Better On-Hold Experience

No one likes waiting on hold, but if everyone is busy it is often better than the alternatives. Use the provided audio prompts and on-hold music to make the wait more pleasant or supply your own music and audio interrupts for a custom on-hold experience. Your customers will be glad they waited.

Do Not Disturb

When you simply can't take calls, temporarily remove yourself from the call queue by setting your phone to Do Not Disturb. Calls will continue to flow through to other team members or to voicemail if no one else is available.


If a call does end up going to voicemail, notification can be sent to one or more members of your team via email, SMS text and/or phone so that the call can be returned or acted upon as soon as possible.

Text Messaging (SMS)

Text messaging is an options feature that allows you to send and receive text messages on your 800LiNK numbers just like you do on your mobile phone. Open up a new channel of communication with your customers and prospects while maintaining your business identity and keeping your personal information private.

Automate Your System

Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist is generally considered to be any IVR system that allows callers to make choices that affect how the call proceeds, such selecting a language or routing a call to a particular person or department. A virtual receptionist saves you time and provides a convenient way for your callers to direct their call to where they want it to go.

Calls Answered Cheerfully Every Time

Your virtual receptionist never gets tired or grumpy. Each call is answered with cheer and enthusiasm (unless that's not what you want).

24/7 Availability

Often there is information that callers may want that is general enough to apply to any caller. Such information could include driving directions, procedures for returning a purchase, etc. Once the information is recorded and made available through your virtual receptionist, callers can access the information any time and as often as they want.

Support Your Team

Resource Sharing

Team members that have their own accounts may need access to resources such as recordings to use with their numbers. Sharing your resources with your team is as easy as clicking a button. For security, an optional password can be assigned to restrict access.

Affiliate Group

In addition to sharing resources, affiliate group members have the shared resources automatically populated in their account without the need to import them. A unique account setup URL is also available to customize the setup process. New members are guided through each step and team recordings, extensions and other aspects of the account are automatically set up at the time the account is created.

Affiliate groups are only available to qualified teams. For more information, contact an 800LiNK support team member.

Coop Advertising

Coop advertising is a great way to generate leads for your team. Learn more about the coop advertising platform.

Other Notable Features

Professional Voice Talent

Take advantage of our team of talented voice actors to have your script recorded professionally. Professional recordings start at $65. Learn more.

Rollover Minutes

Unused minutes roll over for future use and are good for up to a year.

Call Reports

Generate up-to-the-minute call reports on the fly. Filter calls by date, caller ID, duration and other attributes. Results can be printed in report format or exported.


Block unwanted callers by area code, prefix or specific number. Automatic abuse protection may be enabled and customized to meet your needs.

Integrated Fax Receive

Your number can be configured to detect incoming faxes and automaticaly switch over into fax receive mode. Faxes are converted into PDF format for easy viewing, storing and sharing.

Flexible Notification

Receive notification of all calls, qualified calls and/or messages via email and SMS text message to one or more recipients. Email notification will include the message in the appropriate media format if one is left.

More features...